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Avoid Falling Victim To These Three Common Carpet Cleaning Scams!

There are many things that you can do, as a homeowner, to prolong your carpet’s lifespan. You can vacuum it every day, spot clean stains immediately after they appear and make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals that may otherwise do harm than good. But, the best thing that you can probably do to make your carpets last longer is to hire carpet cleaning crawley to clean it for you.

Steam cleaning is a popular method of cleaning where professionals use high-powered machines to push a mixture of hot water and chemical detergent into your carpets to dislodge dirt, debris and other contaminants. Then, the dirty water is then pulled out using a powerful vacuum to make sure that every bit of dislodged contaminant is removed and that most of the moisture is removed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Of course, there are other ways professionals can clean your carpets and steam cleaning, while the most recommended by carpet manufacturers, is just one of the many.

If you’re looking to hire a professional to help keep your carpets looking new and fresh longer, you may want to watch out for these three unbelievably tricky scams that many carpet cleaners may try to bait you with.

·         Unusually cheap offers and supposedly limited-time discounts.

Anytime a salesperson comes to your door or calls you and tells you that their company has a limited-time and very-low priced offer to have your carpets cleaned, shoo him or her away nicely. Chances, the offer won’t be as cheap as it’s made out to be.

What usually happens is that once the carpet cleaners finish cleaning, you’ll be billed twice or thrice more than the initial offer for reasons such as thicker carpets, strange room size, certain stains on the floor and so on.

Now, if the cleaners did a good job, despite the unexpected added cost, then good for you. Though, that doesn’t really happen much.

The best way to avoid this scam is to call the company and ask for a walk-in estimate so that you have a proper idea of the actual costs of carpet cleaning.

·         Claims of knowing the best carpet cleaning method.

Some carpet cleaning companies may sell their services to you by claiming that they supposedly know the best method for cleaning your carpets. That, of course, isn’t possible because how your carpets are cleaned depends on the materials used, age of your carpet and how much cleaning is required.

To avoid falling victim to this kind of scam, ask carpet cleaning companies about what their proposed method involves and why it’s best for the type of carpets your house or workplace has. You can even take notes and ask your carpet manufacturer if what the cleaners are saying is true.

·         Surface cleaning to make it look like they did a good job.

Well, this one’s a bit tricky because it requires you to be as diligent as possible to know exactly if they did a fine job cleaning your carpets.

The easiest and best way to avoid falling victim to this type of scam is to ask for a warranty from the carpet cleaners. This way, if the carpet surprisingly starts getting dirty again in just a few short weeks, you can ask them to do a much better job – FOR FREE!

Don’t worry, most reputable carpet cleaners will be more than happy to give you a lengthy warranty for their services.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Before hiring a professional carpet cleaner, make sure that you get an estimate including information such as specific rates per room or per square foot. Also, details such as cleaning methods and their difference in price should be included. Other information you’d want to know is if they’d be willing to be the ones to move the furniture for you and other heavy items, as well as how much extra this will cost.

Last, but definitely not the least, check if your local municipality or state requires cleaners to have a license or certificate before they can operate first. Then, confirm if the prospective contractor is allowed to operate in your area.

Must-Remember Tips For Cleaning Up Carpet Stains and Spills

Oh no, you just spilled some wine, or coffee, or tea on your carpets. Right now, you’re probably panicking and your first instinct is probably to scrub the stain away. With other flooring options, that’d probably be effective. But, with carpets, scrubbing away stains is the last thing you’ll want to do.

Before everything else, though, you may want to calm down first and know that accidents will happen. There’s just no way to prevent them, which is why they’re called accident in the first place. They can also be resolved, even without having to break the bank by calling a professional. 

When it comes to carpet stains, time is of the essence and it also pays to be prepared.

Always have these items in your house to make it easier to deal with spillages as soon as they happen.

·         A clean white absorbent cloth or towel. It’s a huge plus if you have a couple folded neatly in your laundry room or a storage room.

·         Surgical spirits, usually readily available from your local chemists

·         Detergent

·         Vinegar

·         Ammonia

For common spills such as alcohol, coffee, tea, soup and other liquid food, as well as pet urine.

·         Blot the spill or stain from the outside-in.

·         Carefully use a mixture of equal parts, one teaspoon of white vinegar and detergent solution.

·         Similar to blotting, work from the outside-in.

·         Use a dry cloth to blot the spill as you go.

For stains such as chocolate, sweets, blood, glue, egg, vomit, carbonated beverages, and sweetened drinks.

·         Use a knife to slowly scrape up any excess spill. It’d be preferable if the knife was blunt.

·         Mix one part detergent with three parts water and use it as your cleaning solution.

·         Blot the stain dry.

·         Follow up using a solution of one teaspoon of ammonia to a cup of warm water.

·         Again, blot the stain dry.

Hydrogen peroxide and shaving cream also are safe, as well as effective alternatives for removing such stains.

For greasy and stubborn stains like shoe polish, oil, ointment, gum and others.

·         Use a knife to slowly scrape up any excess spill. Again, a blunt knife is preferred.

·         Use surgical spirit and then follow up with the equal parts white vinegar and warm water solution.

·         Blot the area dry from the outside-in.

General Cleaning Tips

·         Always spot test first on an inconspicuous area before treating a stain to prevent any unnecessary and unsightly damage caused by cleaning.

·         Never ever overly wet cloth to the point that it goes into your carpet’s backing materials.

·         Scrape up or blot up any excess stain before applying treatment.

·         BLOT. DO NOT SCRUB.

·         Treat stains from the outside-in to prevent spreading.

·         Cleaning solutions should be applied to the absorbent cloth or towel, not directly onto the carpet or fabric.

·         For better results, use a hair dryer on mild heat for quicker drying.

·         As much as possible, stains should be dealt with immediately.

·         Carpets should be kept as dry as possible.

When worst comes to worst and the stain just won’t come off, take note of what caused it and when it appeared. Tell this to the carpet cleaners the next time you have your carpets professionally cleaned to make sure that the stains are taken care of.

As much as of a hassle these tips may be, it may be even more of a hassle to have your carpets suddenly replaced just because you couldn’t clean it well and often.